Friday, 25 March 2011

July - December 1999


the glowering hill hides the cove
with only sheep and horses for company
round smooth stones turquoise water
slowly creeps across the sand
cutting off the buried church

- that’s the shadow of the boat -
running sports football car-racing
complaining crabs hiding in pools
islands till the tide comes in
the boat’s stuck in the sand
- I’ve a wedding to go to today -

Shadow on the earth

yellow luminous fields
turn red as the sun goes down
bright sunshine fades to dusk
in the middle of the day

stopping the car along the road
to sneak a dangerous look
I punched a hole in a piece of paper
the darkness deepens

the birds are gone
a momentary night
reflected on the ceiling


sailing races in a dead calm
the fog horn sweeps through the mist
put your armour on and go down town

ten mini doughnuts for a pound
lunch at cafe Gar
a boy looks at the flowers
on the cover of a news paper

cling to the candy floss
cover your ears
the back end of the train
goes flying off the rail

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